Port Aquinas

As part of the land-lease programme between human megacorporations and the Lovona, the largest spaceport and orbiting dock around their Lovona Prime is majority owned and used by humans. It is a conduit through which cargo and people flow, handily situated in an civilised sector of mankind’s Rimward territories.

Port Aquinas is also serves as the nominal base for the Border Fleet, the human organisation set up after the Toronto Treaty. Although originally planned as a robust force capable of acting against threats to divided human interests far from home, the fleet is chronically underfunded and understaffed. Port Aquinas is similarly underfunded, however it’s mere presence serves another purpose – it gives the Lovona a sense of importance and the feeling that they are protected.

It is, however, an illusion. The expensive human-developed vessels of the Lovona Naval Defense Force (LNDF) tend to be far more potent and sturdy compared to the predominantly old and decrepit human capital ships.


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