The AF-17 Outrider

She ain’t too pretty and she ain’t too clever; but the Outrider made me rich.

… can’t say that about my wife.
– Captain Durant Song, Saturn Solutions

The AF-17 Outrider

The Blackmane AF-17 Outrider is a straightforward solution to straightforward problems. A very basic life support pod sits in-between powerful engines and a pair of auto-cannons. This gives the ship an impressive straight line speed and the ability to inflict significant damage.

The AF-17 Outrider

These two priorities leave little room for finesse. The ship is slow to manoeuvre and has only rudimentary shielding. It has limited FTL capability; one or two short range jumps at most. Furthermore, a lucky hit to either of it’s engines can result in the most massive of explosions.

The AF-17 Outrider

That being said, the ship is popular bounty hunters, mercenaries and pirates for it’s ability to strike fast and strike hard. It was the first human ship to be successfully marketed to the Gnobo mercenary brigades who – in spite of it’s similarities to the Gun Skiff – appreciate the mix of high speed and brute force.

Manufacturer: Blackmane Military Solutions
Role: Attack, Search and Destroy, Hit and Run
Length: 12m
Crew: 1-3
Weaponry: 2 x autocannons
Shields/Armour: Light/Medium
FTL: Capable (short-jumps)



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