Ravensmere is the nominal capital city of Alpha Centuari IV. Often refered to as ‘The City Science Built’, the name itself originated from the first Chief Scientist’s whimsical interests in the work of Poe; the place is far less picturesque than the name might imply.

A typical Ravensmere abode.

The planet itself is too cold and inhospitable to support humans naturally; the ‘city’ is a collection of pre-fabricated buildings and underground chambers. The Central District was established first; it’s buildings are large, drab and utilitarian but home to the more venerable scientific institutions. The Outer Districts were built to accomodate the influx of new arrivals: not only the families of the scientists but the people who would teach their children, grow their food and maintain their equipment. These Outer Districts are prettier, more ornate. Half of the residents live in specially drilled underground chambers, heated by the deep-dwelling geothermic conduits built to facilitate their existence.

The Universities and institutions of Ravensmere are at the cutting edge of scientific endeavour. Their real specialisation is in the growing xenoscience areas, be it geology or microbiology. The first advances with the antibiotic Strandweed were made in the Central Distict laboratories, helping further embed the image of Ravensmere as a city of science.

The majority of Ravensmere residents fit the scientist stereotype: pale, quiet and clever types at home with study. The main exception to this rule are the geologists, the majority of whom are gregarious risk-takers, happier digging tunnels and hunting for new geothermic vents with nothing but an environment suit and their wits.


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