Exile gon’Jerac

Exile gon’Jerac is an oddity in the universe: a Hirudin banished from his home and society. Although individual Hirudin vie for power and prestige, using dirty tricks and intrigue to ascend the various structures of power within their mysterious society, none have ever been forced into exile.

He resides at the centre of a fortress on Yon’jar, the only moon of a gas giant in the Sutado System. Far from wallowing in pity, Jerac has found a lucrative hobby to fill his time: information brokerage. His status as persona non grata amongst his own people has only served to enhance his reputation.

The Seal of the Exile

Jerac is intelligent and ruthless; even for a Hirudin. From humble beginnings he has built an intricate hub for information and intelligence. And although larger spy agencies view him with suspicion or worse, they sometimes find themselves with no choice but to use him anyway. Having made more than his fair share of enemies, he protects himself with an elite guard of Gnobo Shadowspines kept on permanent retainer.

Nobody is quite sure how the Exile gets his tentacles on rare and protected information. Rumours revolve around important people being kidnapped by his Gnobo hired guns and taken to his fortress and subjected to experimental and powerful psionic procedures. Technically, Hirudin lack the ability to control the more complex sentient minds. And yet Jerac has become something of a bogeyman of the intelligence world, making many important people up their security and peer over their shoulders.


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