Washburn is the US capital city of New Kansas, Kepler System. True to it’s namesake, New Kansas is a fertile farming world from which a wide variety of crops are cultivated and animals raised. Settlements range from small, old fashioned farms to large, mechanised outposts of synchronised machines and technology.

Typical Washburn city block, complete with florist, house, bridge and traffic.
Typical Washburn city block, complete with florist, house, bridge and traffic.

Several elite bioscience and veterinary colleges call the city their home.

Washburn is the hub for all manner of activity; business, education and pleasure. It is the port by which New Kansas feeds a large proportion of the Core Worlds. A giant spaceport sits on the outskirts of the city, big enough to accommodate the larger interplanetary barges for the transfer of crops and livestock.

There is also quite the lively nightlife; most of these bars and cantinas centre around the American Cool Revival trend. They feature music and décor reminiscent of days gone by from the old USA.

There exists a quiet acrimony between the city-settlers and the more isolated farmers. The latter consider their city-based fellows stuck-up and pretentious. The former consider the farming population crass and uncultured.

Human Home

Above: a typical Washburn home

The city is home to the New Kansas Senator, when she is not involved in democratic discussions back on Earth.

Although officially neutral during the Pan-Eurasian War, several of the large farming conglomerates sold food to the under-siege Coalition population of Kepler V. The government span the story as to say these farmers saved the lives of starving children. In reality, agricultural corporations made huge profits breaking a neutrality clause set by the government. The US investigation into the food smuggling found no person or organisation culpable and no prosecutions were made. It is considered a whitewash by the Coalition.


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