Stuhkhaven is the capital city of the Union world of Trillyth III. The world is a favoured holiday and retirement destination for well-heeled European citizens; the majority flock to the beautiful capital city. The original colonists chose settle on a fork on the River Piros; the city has expanded out and around the red-hued river as it’s centrepiece. The first settlers crafted with materials to hand and their buildings and infrastructure matched neatly the land around it. This necessity became written law and – inspite of a recent trend for glitzy, shiny metal building materials – the architecture remains strictly old fashioned.

The main business within Shuhkhaven is hospitality. A host of different entertainments and diversions exist for visitors from the planet and further afield. The architectural trends for the old-fashioned continues here; activities are typically ‘analogue’. Sailing is a popular hobby, horses have been imported from the last ranches on Earth and are raised on the city’s outskirts. Its restaurants serve food prepared by hand and cooked in the most old fashioned ways, including wood-burning ovens. People travel to Stuhkhaven for the quiet life and often have no choice but to live it.

Although short-term visitors tend to stay in the established hotels in the centre of the city, the outlying districts feature a host of self-service cottages and chalets nestled in the hills and river bends. Isolated enough from the capital, rumours abound that such rustic abodes are used by individuals on the run from various trackers; even the shadowy Agency.


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