The Scientia Sinistral


The Scientia Sinistral are a group of scientists famous for their taste for risk and dangerous expeditions. The group originated out of Ravensmere; it’s core members were the geologists who first discovered the geothermic nature of the planet’s underground and the free heat and power it could be used for. This school of geology had always been more gung-ho than it’s peers and in the case of the subterranean successes on Alpha Centauri IV they had been both rewarded and vindicated.

The fees and reimbursements from the geothermic advancements on AC IV gave the small group sufficient capital to invest in equipment to take them off world and investigate similar phenomenon. And whilst to begin with the pursuit of knowledge was enough, eventually the bills to pay became unavoidable.

Scientia Sinistral (or SciSin) then branched out, becoming self-styled Scientists-for-Hire. Although at pains to remain free from bias, the group made themselves available to any interested party with a need for science but not formal department within their ranks. The new workstreams they discovered ranged from geological surveys to work as expert witnesses. This paid work goes to fund their more cutting-edge and dangerous endeavours.


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