The Baionetta

The Baionetta

The Baionetta-class Signal Ship was commissioned in the aftermath of the Pan-Eurasian War. This conflict had seen the European Union Navy beaten on several significant occasions by modern groups of mercenaries equipped with cutting edge technology. Their targeting sensors were frequently jammed, their formidable ships taken by surprise by sensor ghosts and trickery.

The Baionetta is a capital-ship designed to support larger fleet actions. It is able to co-ordinate and process very complex information streams in real-time, aiding the accuracy of weapon fire and fleet formation. Conversely, the ship concentrate on output of information – sending out huge volumes of ‘garbage’ information to cloud the sensors of opposing forces. Layers upon layers of this sensor ‘noise’ make it more difficult for the Baionetta’s enemies to track and strike accurately.

The Baionetta

It’s communication technology is it’s only real defence. Although the ship is armed with two flak turrets, they are computer targeted: the ship is seldom crewed by battle-hardened veterans.

Complex or sensitive information is often transported on a Baionetta, especially if the files aren’t trusted to the ExtronNet.

The Baionetta

Manufacturer: EAS-Spaceworks
Role: Information Warfare/Transport, Battlefield Coordination
Length: 52m
Crew: 35
Weaponry: 2 x flak turrets
Shields/Armour: Light/Medium
FTL: Capable



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