The BB-22

BB-22 Corvette

The BB-22 is a human capital ship produced by Marlin-Kast Industries around Earth. MKI were originally contracted by the European Union as part of the military modernisation programme but the ship design was deemed too large for it’s original purpose. MKI went ahead and released it onto the general market anyway, where it became a long-lasting success.

Although originally envisaged as a corvette, the ship weighs in more like a frigate. It features a dorsal-mounted photon cannon and a sensibly positioned array of flak turrets. It’s engine performance is dependably average and what it lacks in the most modern modulation of shields it makes up for with thick armour and sturdy construction. It eschewed modern and revolutionary design features for a rugged-if-unremarkable dependability.

BB-22 Corvette

The Union had requested a modern corvette; the BB-22 final design was deemed too large in scale and crew demands. The reaction from the independent sector was much more enthusiastic. Independent operators could find basically trained crew on most populated worlds and the increased size meant the ship could carry a not insigificant amount of cargo on it’s travels.

Though now many years old, the BB-22 still sees use in various roles and locations throughout the human occupied galaxy. It is frequently used as an armed escort by megacorporations and, conversely, by various pirate and bandit groups. Derelict BB-22s are highly prized by scrapyards who can fix them up and turn a tidy profit to boot.

Length: 76m
Crew: 46
Role: Escort, patrol, attack
Manufacturer: MKI
> 1 x Photon Turret [dorsal mount]
> 2 x Fragmentation Cannon [left and right of bridge]
> 4 x “Starsnipe” Flak Turrets
Shields/Armour: Medium/Heavy



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