The Independent Mining Guild


The Independent Mining Guild (IMG) is a loose alliance of individuals and groups involved in the detection and extraction of minerals. The Guild works cooperatively for protection and profit of it’s members and eschews the corporate structure and shareholder interest of the large mining companies. Though human in origin, the group accepts all comers and has a large number of Trinax members.

The Guild is invite-only and close-knit. To be accepted into the organisation, a miner or mining group needs to share the location of something valuable and show willingness to cooperate. Anyone working selfishly finds themselves expelled immediately.

The Guild Militia is the paramilitary arm of the IMG; an equally loosely organised defence force made up of miners with experience of combat and conflict. They are deployed in protection of digs and extractions in the more risky areas of the galaxy and utilise a mixture of older ships and equipment. The militia gain experience quickly; they can find themselves up against human mercenaries hired by corporations trying to jump their claim to Wun’Tux scouting parties eager to locate more supplies of durillium. Casualties are not uncommon, but those militia members who survive pick up experience quickly.

The Guild is particularly well known for it’s discovery of the Taron System and it’s accompanying mineral deposits. They were the first to arrive and worked exclusively until they were famously sold out by a bunch of rogue traders tempted by the corporate dollar. Ever since, the system has been worked on my the Guild on one side and Blackmane on the other. Pirates and bandits moved in to prey on both; the Guild Militia has a now permanant presence within Taron.

Corporations from the human Core Worlds class the Guild as illegal, on par with squatters. Lawmakers, however, have limited influence in the far reaches of the the Rimward Territories and the Guild is well aware of this. Only occasionally does this animosity break into actual conflict, with corporate security clashing with the IMG Militia.


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