The Shadowspines


The Shadowspines are a Gnobo mercenary brigade infamous for their long standing cooperation with the Hirudin Sphere. They are kept on an informal retainer; the crux of the arrangement being their obligation to drop any job at the behest of the aquatic overlords.

This means the ‘Spines clash frequently with enemies of the Hirudin; including humans. Skirmishes around European Union colony worlds are not rare; the reasons and rationale behind the Hirudin assaults lost on both the humans and Gnobo. The conflict has led to obvious poor relations between the races. Negative stereotypes about the entire Gnobo race are unfortunately predicated on the actions of this one brigade.

The Shadowspines are famous for their use of armoured troops – on ground as well as in space. Their most recognisable ship is the Konnspur, a troop transport able to push through enemy resistance and deploy infantry in hostile areas whether on planet or in deep space. These Gnobo warriors are rightfully feared for their commitment and ferocity in battle.


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