Amani Nocosta

The Nocosta

The Amani have no organised military, no true warships. Their vessels are built to protect the families who serve upon them. The Nocosta is the smallest known Amani vessel and serves as a scout, shuttle and deep space mining platform. It is built to stand up to the rigours of such a dangerous industry: heavy armour plates and strong heat shielding. The fusion cannons above and below the cockpit are primarily used to break up deposits of valuable minerals.

The Nocosta

However, the galaxy is full of hazards both natural and sentient. The Nocosta also serves at the first line of defence of any Amani caravan. It is manoeuvrable enough to trouble opposition fighters and sturdy enough to go toe-to-toe with the smaller grade of capital ship.

The Nocosta

It’s flexibility is, however, also it’s weakness. The ship suffers against masses of nimble fighters. It is often not quite fast enough to evade the heavy weapons of larger ships. However, the crews of the Nocosta fight for not a cause or a faction but for their lives. They are hard targets to attack and many a pirate has learnt this the hard way.

Manufacturer: Amani Forgeworks
Role: Scout, shuttle, mining vessel.
Length: 22m
Crew: 3. Passengers: 10
Weaponry: 2 x fusion cannons
Shields/Armour: Medium/Heavy
FTL: Capable



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