The Konnspur


The Shadowspine Mercenary Brigade are famous for their infantry; on planet and in space. Troops need to be moved and deployed quickly. The Konnspur-class Hauler was built specifically for this brigade and this purpose. It’s appearance is deliberately odd; the thin and flat shape limits it’s profile when it is charging headlong into danger, making it harder to hit.

The Shadowspines use this quality extensively, throwing caution to the wind on a regular basis. As the brigade known for working with the Hirudin, various factions of human and Oroso have been victim to hostile boardings in the middle of a battle. The Konnspur is almost always the craft able to get through to do so.


Ever on the look out for opportunity, the Shadowspine shipsmiths found demand for this ship from other races and groups. An export version was thusly built and sold – at significant profit to the Gnobo.

Manufacturer: Shadowspine Shipsmiths
Role: Troop Transport and Insertion
Length: 21m
Crew: 3. Passengers: 25 armoured soldiers.
Weaponry: 1 x pulse cannon (belly mount, anti-infantry)
Shields/Armour: Medium/Heavy
FTL: Capable, short-range


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