The Yuan Gui

The Yuan Gui

“The poorer you are, the more devils you meet.”
– Captain Chen, the Yuan Gui on accepting his first mercenary contract

The Yuan Gui started life as a Asian Coalition prototype strike fighter. Both the Coalition and their European Union opponents ended the Pan-Eurasian War with bloody noses. Their militaries had been devastated by modern mercenary forces; the pressure to upgrade was felt throughout each faction.

The Yuan Gui

Coalition soldiers started the war with the least advanced equipment. These war-weary warriors were the ones expected to deliver the next generation technology to allow the Coalition to defend itself. They were placed under immense pressure. Given no rest, no solace.

The Yuan Gui

The test crew behind the experimental Coalition strike fighter were pushed the hardest. They were the only human faction to lack a strike fighter, to lack their versatility and reach. Their masters pushed them for months on end. In turn, the team lied. They cheated. They put on a charade of struggle and then one day they up and vanished.

The Yuan Gui

The test crew had gone rouge. Styling themselves the ‘Yuan Gui’ (loosely translated as wronged spirit) as a slight towards their Coalition masters, the ship became a one vessel crime wave throughout the Outer Rim. Jump-capable, heavily armoured and equipped with beam weapons and warhead capability, the ship packs a genuine punch. The crew hold a real grudge against their old masters and take any opportunity to target Coalition admirals and governors they find.

There remains a significant bounty on the ship and her crew. Various prospective takers, including the Border Fleet, have yet to collect.

Manufacturer: Coalition Military Research [stolen]
Role: Strike fighter
Length: 12m
Crew: 3
Weaponry:4 x Particle Cannons, 1 x Warhead Launcher
Shields/Armour: Medium/Heavy
FTL: Capable, short-range

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