The DX-77 Virago

“Hell hath no fury like a Virago scorned,” – Blackmane promotional material

The DX77

The DX-77 Virago is a hi-tech starfighter from Blackmane Industries. It has a unique shape and profile; a single-pilot cockpit sat above the weapons package and gravimetric stabilisers. The ship’s designers believed the best defence to be a good offence; it is the first ever fighter to sport miniaturised Linear Cannons. Originally deployed on capital ships to counter Wun’Tux armour plate, even the fighter-scale iterations are immensely powerful. Be that as it may, the cannons have a limited supply of alloy slugs. They are slow to fire and have a significant chance of jamming mid-reload. Most significantly, the ship lacks the ability to travel faster-than-light on it’s own making it less versatile compared to almost equally expensive strike fighters.

The DX77

The Virago has polarised pilots. Some love the raw power of the ship, the ability to tangle with fighters and capital ships alike. Others consider the idea folly; the benefits far outweighed by the risks and flaws. Apart from it’s superior armament, the ship is distinctly average in other areas. Skilled and canny pilots are a must.

The DX77

The Virago is well suited to life in the Core Worlds; where supply bases and back-up are never far away. Although small number of Rimward mercenary outfits utilise the ship, it is far from suited to the rough and tumble life on the galactic frontier. It is comparable to the Tarasque-class, although this ship is less fancy and more suited to work out on the Rim.

Manufacturer: Blackmane Industries
Role: Attack fighter
Length: 6m
Crew: 1
Weaponry: 2 x Linear Cannons (undeslung)
Shields/Armour: Medium/Light
FTL: Incapable


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