The Type-27


The British Leyland Type-27 Fighter was cutting edge at the start of the Second Age, serving on Royal Navy carriers and bases at home and abroad. The ship provided excellent security against human threats as the British Empire expanded into the Core Worlds and beyond.

New adversaries illuminated the Type-27’s flaws, however. It’s two pulse cannons lacked the raw power to break through the armour of new antagonists like the Wun’Tux TwinFang. It’s sensor package wasn’t precise enough to pick out Hirudin Blackfins through their layers of stealth jamming.

The original priority of Leyland was to minimise the space the Type-27 would take up in cramped hangar bays. The design team integrated a lot of the ship components, compressed them together into compact dimensions. This complicated relatively simple repairs; field engineers would have to pull out large parts of the ship build just to change a blown inverter.

The Type-27 is gradually being replaced by the superior Keepsake; improving the weapon output and reliability in the field. Older carriers still favour the Silverfish as they can store more ships per square foot of hangar space. Remaining surplus 27s were bought by various groups; most famously the privateer Magpies.

Manufacturer: British Leyland Spaceworks

Role: Carrier-grade Fightercraft Length: 6m

Crew: 1

Weaponry: 2 x Pulse Cannons (forward facing)

Shields/Armour: Light/Medium

FTL: Incapable


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