The Free Brigades


“sans peur et sans reproche.” – Admiral Dupont, speaking at the Brigades launch ceremony

The Free Brigades formed from the ashes of the Pan-Eurasian War. The European Union military had emerged battered and bruised and in need of an overhaul. The modern ships pushed into production required less in the way of crew; large swathes of the Union military were placed into reserve or even told they were surplus to requirements.

These men and women felt abandoned: three years of toil, struggle and violence and with nothing but a government bond to show for it. Such severance pay wouldn’t last forever. A number drifted off into the employ of various mercenary groups but most of them joined together under a new banner: The Free Brigades. Led by Admiral Dupont – an old-fashioned commander famous for being routed by a squadron of Tailored Saints – the Brigades purport to stand up for everything the Union who abandoned them did: truth, fidelity and liberty. Behind the rhetoric they are a paramilitary outfit equipped with old Union equipment and remain for sale to the highest bidder.

What they lack in modern equipment the Free Brigades make up for in battle-hardened experience and determination. Their commanders favour regimented formations and organisation. Their old fashioned tactics and equipment are effective in most cases but vulnerable to modern technology – e.g. the use of ECM, drones and strike fighters.

They remain equipped with older Union capital ships, such as the Cassard-class and Bulk Cruiser.


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