The Jagged Edge

The Jagged Edge

Migores Jansen is one of the most famous of the Astral-GP Pilots, now retired. From racing, at least.

Migores grew up on Gandymede in the ashes of the Far Planet Revolution. The third son of a impoverished plankton farmer, he grew up on the breadline, learning to fix incubators and aquariums with the most basic of salvaged technology.

The owner of the biggest junk yard was obsessed with the Astral-GP; Migores ended up watching as scrounged for spare parts and a fascination was born. The money and glamour of the sport seemed a universe away – until one fateful day.

Migores was searching through an old cargo hauler for air scrubbers when he stumbled upon a rare chunk of Iridium lodged in the reactor core. The sale of this made him rich and – without a second thought – the 19 year old man sunk the entire sum into the purchase of an old Russian scout ship christened the Jagged Edge.

The Jagged Edge

He worked on the old ship day and night; years spent maximising efficiency in his father’s equipment had been well spent. Soon the engines were purring, working more efficiently than ever. He brought this determined spirit to the Astral-GP and finished his first race by 20, won his first championship by 22. He quickly gained a reputation as one of the most fearless, hard-working pilots on the circuit.

Racing was a dangerous career, however. By his 30th birthday several of his were rivals dead or disabled courtesy of the sport. Migores reluctantly made the decision to to cash out whilst he still could. He retired to the sleepy, mid-Rim Union world of Trillyth, building a comfortable house in the hills of the Northern continent.

And yet he found a life of leisure lacking. Hunting the native predators gave him some solace, but his hands itched for the feel of his ship’s controls. And so he began to take on small courier jobs, ferrying information and people and valuable cargo from place to place. The riskier the job the better. His reputation – and that of the Jagged Edge – reborn.


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