The Checkmates

cmtsCarrier Fighter Squadron 155, aka the ‘Checkmates’, are an American X-33 Squadron based out of Ursa Minor and frequent rival to the Knighthawks. Known for their monochrome colour scheme and chess-themed call signs, the Checkmates are profoundly different to the Knighthawks; preferring tactical nous over sheer force and ferocity.

True to their name to almost the point of cliché, the Checkmates practice highly complex flight manoveres until they’re second nature. A number of recruits have requested immediate transfer out due to the rigid discipline the squadron applies to practice and execution of such tactics.


Nevertheless the Checkmates are credited with the destruction or part destruction of over 100 Wun’Tux and Hirudin vessels in their short history – rivalling the incredulous Knighthawks.


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