The Black Aces


“Make fear your friend: the enemy will have you both to worry about.”

Wing Commander McDevitt, Black Ace Leader.

No. 28 Squadron, aka the Black Aces, are the foremost strike fighter group of Task Force Second Sabre. They fly Albacores with an expertise only matched by their hunger for victory. As their nickname suggests, they are the bold risk takers of the Task Force – but usually have the skill and firepower to make chances taken pay dividends.

Second Sabre are the proactive military arm of the British Commonwealth; protecting the far flung colonies against alien aggression. The ‘Aces can strike and react quickly to threats. Their heavy rail guns were designed with anti-Wun’Tux stopping power in mind, though they have similar success against the Hirudin Blackfins which pervade the human Rimward Territories.

Base: The Chromedent Nebula
Commander: Wing Commander McDevitt
Strength: 12 Albacores, divided into wingpairs.


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