X-33 Scimitar

X-33s in a 2×2 Lance.

The X-33 is a modern American carrier-grade fightercraft liked by it’s pilots and feared by it’s enemies. Tough and agile, the Grumman-Knight manufactured ship is a capable dogfighter, combat air patrol ship and skirmisher. It’s main flaw is the need for a carrier craft to carry it long distances. Nevertheless, It is used extensively by the USEF on their strike carriers and in defence of Highpoint. Veteran Scimitar pilots are usually the first picked for Tomcat strike fighter training.

FB-22 'Scimitar'

It is comparable in performance and profile to the British Keepsake; the X-33 has better acceleration but the Keepsake has superior shields.

The Knighthawks are the most well known of the X-33 squadrons; a veritable thorn in the side of the most aggressive Wun’Tux tribes.

Manufacturer: Grumman-Knight
Role: Space Superiority
Length: 9m
Crew: 1
Weaponry: 4 x Pulse Cannons (forward facing)
Shields/Armour: Medium/Medium
FTL: Incapable


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