The Black Belle

Black Belle

The Black Belle is one of the more famous mercenary ships of the Rimward Territories. She was originally laid down at a tug and pilot ship to assist large transports into star dock but has undergone extensive modifications. She is now a de facto strike fighter, a reasonably agile ship able to traverse FTL travel independently.

Black Belle

This de facto status places the ‘Belle and her crew in high demand. With a maximum occupany of five, the female crew of the ‘Belle live in close quarters whenever on a contract. Although they face jibes and derision for their gender and the colour scheme of their vessel, many a overconfident man has seen the error of his ways via a boot to the groin. The men who pick fights with the ‘Belle in space don’t get off so easy; her combination of particle cannons for short-range destruction and STS missiles for long range engagements have been the end of many an overconfident rival.

Black Belle

It is rumoured the crew of the ‘Belle has harboured Ex-Agency Assests in the past – namely the blind, telekenetic known as Blindside. There is a bounty for any information on her whereabouts, though most hunters who might collect it are wise enough not to target the Black Belle on their own.

Manufacturer: Unknown; heavily modified
Role: Gunship, space superiority
Length: 20m
Crew: 5
– 4 x Particle Cannons
– 2 x STS missile launchers
Shields/Armour: Medium/Medium


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