Scanner/Jammer Drone

Scanner-Jammer Drone

The Deutz-AG manufactured Scanner-Jammer is a multipurpose drone marketed to the civilian and military markets. Primarily the drone is a remotely operated scanning device, capable of passive and active scanning and real time updates to a sentient operator, usually on-board a nearby ship. Civilians can use the drone for, amongst other things, mineral detection, solar storm prediction and planetary surveys. However, the S/J can be used as a forward spotter for artillery, increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of space-based weaponry by more detailed guidance and telemetry.

Action Shot..!

Above: A Tigerhound firing long-range; augmented by an S/J Drone

The technology crammed into the drone can be reversed and flipped around in order to disrupt the scans and guidance systems of nearby vessels, too. Although skilled sensor operators can construct workarounds, the S/J can easily disrupt and scramble the data guiding snubfighters, shuttles and even some capital ship scale missiles.

The S/J cannot function whilst moving, however, and moves at half the speed of most starfighters. This makes it extremely vulnerable and in need of constant protection under fire. The example pictured at the top of this article is on the periphery of an asteroid belt, using environmental protection to keep it as far from harm’s way as possible.


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