Sasori-class Missile Destroyer

Sasori-class Missile Destroyer

Fresh out of the Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries shipyards at Titan, the Sasori is a specialist ship in a small package. Almost exclusively found in the Japanese section of the Asian Coalition in both the Core and the Outer Rim, a few vessels have defected and work independently. The Sasori-class is a very modern warship produced in the aftermath of the Pan-Eurasian War.

The Sasori is equipped with long and mid-range warhead capacity along with flak defence. With only light armour and medium shields, the Sasori has to stay mobile and out of direct fire. Many an unimaginative captain has been sucked into a traditional slugfest and destroyed because of it.

The better commanders use the Sasori as a hunter-killer, stalking individual targets from range and hitting them with salvo after salvo of cruise missiles until they’re destroyed.

Sasori-class Missile Destroyer

Modern warships are equipped with some form of point defence themselves. Several Sasori-class ships have found real success out on the Rim where older fighting ships and transports lack such capability.

Manufacturer: Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries
Role: Long-range attack, capital ship hunter
Length: 86m
Crew: 60
– 4 x Flak Turrets [top-mounted].
– 2 x Long Range Cruise Missile Launchers [dual-tubed]
– 1 x Mid-Range Missile Launcher [dual-tubed]
Armour/Shields: Light/Medium.


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