MD-7 Drone

R-88 at work

Above: A MD-7 repairing a Union strike fighter in the field

The MD-7 (affectionately referred to as the ‘Mendy’) was one of the first drones produced by Syn-Tec. It features precise manoeuvring jets and a multi-functional appendage suited for remote repair and maintenance of space-borne assets.

The drone has a single arm referred to as a Smart-Limb. It is capable of heavy lifting, fine motor skills and can ‘plug in’ to access systems not capable of wireless communication. This adaptability makes the Mendy – or, in fact, several operating at once – a useful asset in several arenas. It is able to repair satellites in orbit, stranded spaceships and collect cargo. It’s true that humans in space suits and EVA packs are capable of doing some of these tasks, but the MD-7 can do so in conditions that might otherwise kill a human being , e.g. high levels of radiation. Whereas a human operator would be using equipment via bulky gloves or a control panel, the drone can perform tasks with surgical precision.

The military favour the MD-7 as it can repair a variety of damage to ships ranging from fightercraft all the way up to battleship; without the need for a dry dock. It can remove and replace armour plate, rearm ships exhausted of warheads and even pick up ejected pilots and return them to a rescue ship. The USEF are known to keep a Drone Monkey on retainer for just this purpose; to support the Task Force on extended forays into Wun’Tux territory.


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