Trinax Cargo Hauler

The Bottom Dollar

Trinax Cargo Haulers are frequently sighted around the busiest ports; their battered hulls and old ion engines kept just the right side of spaceworthy. The Trinax people achieved FTL travel comparatively early compared to other developed races, but their relative shyness and aversion to risk kept them close to home. When they eventually spread their wings wider it was in ships like the Hauler; to trade not conquer.

The internal structure of the ship is set up like a burrow, suitable for the diminutive Trinax. This economy of space makes the ship a veritable a pack rat; able to cram in a surprising amount of cargo for it’s size and scale. This capacity keeps the Trinax in high demand; traders who cannot afford huge freighters will often pad out their convoy with a few Trinax ships to share the load.

Following the rise of the Hirudin, the Trinax people split in two. The smallest half serve their Hirudin masters under pernicious mind control and conditioning; the latter, viewing themselves as free, have disavowed the former and want nothing to do with either them or the Hirudin. This ‘free’ section of the Trinax are viewed as more honest and trustworthy by the other races they encounter; the smaller section of Trinax are tainted by their forced association with the Hirudin. Lacking the courage for battle, these Trinax engage in trade and logistical support; forced to donate all profit to their aquatic overlords. The fact that they are less trusted means Cargo Haulers from this faction of the Trinax are often forced to take shadowy, illegal or immoral contracts in order to make ends meet; meaning you’re just as likely to see a Cargo Hauler in a civilised, well-policed space dock as you are one of the pirate ports of the Rim.

Hauler Stalking

Above: A single Hauler being stalked by pirate raiders


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