F-86 Tarasque

The Tarasque is named after an ungainly beast with a spiked, armoured shell on it’s back. The eponymous starfighter doesn’t disappoint. It it’s case, however, the ‘shell’ consists of a pair of ‘Starshredder’ disruptor cannons. These cannons fire slow-moving energy projectiles, easily dodged by small ships but devastatingly effective against static or sluggish targets like star stations or heavy duty capital ships.

The Tarasque

The Tarasque was developed by Page-Turner as an experimental platform for their disruptor cannons. Sol military forces wouldn’t take on such a new and risky weapon idea on zero evidence, so the corporation ended up selling the first production models to private groups. These inevitably turned out to be paramilitary and mercenary organisations who were quick to see the potential in such a vessel.

Most groups of hired guns, revolutionaries and all sorted nonconformists were too small to maintain and operate capital ships of their own; when government forces came hunting for them with frigates, destroyers and other such craft they were at a profound disadvantage. The Tarasque helped level this playing field. Clever mercenaries would set traps for their government pursuers, tricking the capital ships into favourable positions and bringing a handful of Tarasque up at the rear. A single salvo of ‘Starshredder’ shells are enough to make even the most seasoned frigate captain sweat.

The Tarasque

The ship is well liked by it’s pilots for the danger it presents, in spite of it’s flaws. These include: no FTL capability, only average speed, shields and armour as well as a complete lack of weapons suitable for dogfighting. Against quick and nimble interceptor craft this hunter can quickly become the hunted. It requires careful fighter escort of it’s own, lest it be routed.

Notable operators include: Cromwell’s Bombshells.

Manufacturer: Page-Turner Spaceworks, Titan Shipyards.
Role: Anti-starbase, capital ship hunter.
Length: 8m
Weaponry: 2 x ‘Starshredder’ Disruptor Cannons
Shields/Armour: Light/Medium
FTL: Incapable. Needs Carrier support.

Taron VII Vig

Above: A Bombshell F-86 stationed on Taron VII


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