S-91 Gun Skiff

“I heard a human call us a flying tank. I rather like it,”

– Forefirst Carnatet, Ridgeback Skiff Master.


The S-91 is the most widely produced of the Gnobo Gun Skiffs; filling the operational role of fightercraft, assault shuttle and ground attack vehicle (amongst others). It’s distinctive profile – two horns meeting a central body – makes for an instantly recognisable silhouette. The shape isn’t only for show: these two ‘horns’ bracket the landing ramp, meaning armed Gnobo infantry can quickly exit the ship under cover from both sides.

The Gnobo mercenary brigades are famously rugged and hard to break down. If their large ships and infantry form the structure, the S-91 is the glue that holds it all together.

It’s first role is that of a fighter. It is big and unwieldy by the standards of humans; who tend to rely heavily on a mix of different fighter types. It tends to suffer when pitted against more agile opponents, but it’s thick hide and potent armament gives it a competitive edge. It’s ability to travel Faster-Than-Light also grants a tactical advantage; akin to that of the human strike fighter.


It also serves as an armoured shuttle for VIPs and infantry; it’s reputation for difficult landings and extractions is legendary. The Gnobo homeworld is mountainous and perilous; their warriors train on the most hazardous terrain that other races might consider near vertical and impossible to traverse, nevermind fight on. S-91 pilots are disciplined enough to drop and collect their soldiers on such terrain.

It’s final role is that of a ground attack craft. Accurate terrain assault is a relative breeze compared to the difficulty faced in deploying soldiers in hazardous atmospheric conditions. It’s armament of fragmentation cannons and multi-warhead missiles means it can cause chaos across large swathes of enemy terrain, disrupting industry and troop formations alike. It’s thick armour hide means it can shrug off a certain amount of anti-aircraft fire, too.

A standard S-91 mission might be to deploy troops strategically and then support them from the air; it can be seen throughout Gnobo tactical deployment.

Length: 17m
Manufacturer: GNSW
Role: Fightercraft, Shuttle, Ground Attack.
Crew: 4
– 3 x Fragmentation Cannons (forward firing)
– 2 x Warhead launchers

Armour/Shields: Heavy/Medium


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