The Ridgebacks

The Ridgebacks are one of the largest and most well known of the Gnobo mercenary battalions. Their military strength alone rivals the Gnobo League’s defence force and they are not shy when it comes to bragging about it. They are known throughout the galaxy for their prowess in battle; from deep space to planetary surface. But their history is littered with bloody losses as well as glorious victories.


Above: A Gnobo Ridgeback Mercenary in battle armour

They oversaw the defence of the League’s colony worlds following first contact with the Wun’Tux. This event is always accompanied by a flurry of attacks; Wun’Tux BroodClans show rare cooperation in order to abduct as many slaves as they can before the victim race can mount an effective defence. In space, the Ridgebacks managed this much more quickly and efficiently than expected; formations of Gun Skiffs were able to avoid Clanship main guns and inflict significant pain in return. On the ground, however, their ferocious resistance was often not enough to keep their people – or themselves – safe. Thousands of Ridgebacks died and the Gnobo they were protecting ended up as slaves on Clanships and durillium mines. Even the most mercenary Ridgeback sees this as black mark on their collective ledger and will react angrily to the merest hint of cowardice. More bar fights may follow.

Once the Wun’Tux were repelled, the Ridgebacks were relieved of border world duty and given the freedom to pursue their own contracts. They have become the prime soldiers of the Hirudin and have clashed several times on the border shared between European Union colonists and the Hirudin Sphere. They found themselves equally matched with the more modern Union equipment, but are more than capable of destroying any pre-War equipment still in use.


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