The Dawn Chorus

The ship class Brig refers to a capital-scale cargo vessel with sufficient armament to defend itself. Most types are able to serve as makeshift warships. All in all, Brig is an archaic term which is seeing increased use as humans expand their horizons to the further reaches of space.

Dawn Chorus-class Brig

The Dawn Chorus-class is one of the more modern Brigs. Her heyday were in the first steps towards the human Rim. During this Third Age expansion the ship was reliable but slow, expensive to run and poorly armed. The cheaper, more effective FTL drives of the Fourth Age, however, made the Dawn Chorus cheaper to run. More energy efficient FTL drives meant the ships had an abundance of energy, leaving capacity for higher quality shields and weaponry.

The ship’s solid infrastructure is protected further with layers of armour plate. The most popular armament involves a long-range plasma cannon, two photon cannons and flak turret protection. One legitimate use of a ship armed in such a way is as an armed merchantman; able to trade without the need for a paid escort. More regularly the ship is used as a pirate or privateer flagship.

Several Dawn Chorus-class ships served on the side of the Asian Coalition in the Pan-Eurasian War. The most famous of these, the ISS Kiwako, spent the best part of the way harassing Union shipping and evading their slow, outdated navy. She plies the Rimward territories still, one of the famous pirate ships able to embarrass the Border Fleet.

ISS Kiwako

Above: The ISS Kiwako escaping fightercraft from the USEF

Length: 95m
Crew: 70
Manufacturer: Dutch Defence Vehicle Systems
Role: Armed Merchantmen/Pirate
– 1 x Plasma Cannon [with targetting pulse generator]
– 2 x Photon Cannon [turreted]
– 3 x Flak Turrets [dorsal and keel]
Shields/Armour: Light/Heavy


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