Agency Asset Beta-77: Codename ‘Cinderfoot’

Cinderfoot’ is a genetically-different asset with the ability to emit large amounts of heat from his body at will. His ability burns most bright at his feet, hence the moniker. He cannot project this heat beyond his body, rendering him useless at range. However, his ability can be used to melt all but the most advanced metal alloys: allowing him to burn through walls, ceilings and floors to reach a target.

His ability – when turned ‘on’ – renders him impervious to damage from heat and burns, including most energy weapons. Additionally, he can melt incoming solid projectiles before they reach him, making old fashioned slug throwers equally useless.

That being said, Cinderfoot is extremely vulnerable when his power is not ‘on’ and he can only be actively superheated for periods of five minutes or so before his ability needs to recharge. During this period he is as vulnerable as any human. Additionally, if caught in an ambush and unable to activate his ability Cinderfoot is equally vulnerable. He should not be assigned contracts involving extreme cold or hard vacuum for obvious reasons

Notable contracts include; the execution of Amani elders at Praxium VII, the interdiction of European Union diplomats en-route to the Kepler Accords and the assassination of General Trokinov during the Coalition victory at Centauri V.


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