The Albacore

“Make fear your friend: the enemy will have you both to worry about.”

Wing Commander McDevitt, Black Ace Leader.

Strike Fighter

The Albacore is another de Havilland design utilised by the Royal Navy. Produced in response to the American Strike Fighter Project, the design brief was for a FTL-capable ship with adequate armament to engage a large variety of foes.

Strike Fighter

Whereas the Tomcat and Caracal are armed with direct-fire weapons and warheads, the Albacore’s sole armament consists of two forward-facing mass drivers. These are distant relations to the rail gun, high velocity, high rate-of-fire weapons with an explosive kick. Mass drivers were picked for maximum effectiveness against durillium armour plate favoured by the Wun’Tux Clanships, akin to the Linear Cannon. In actuality, although lacking the tactical flexibility of warheads, the mass drivers make the Albacore the most well-balanced of the human strike fighters.

Strike Fighter

It’s streamlined ion-engine gives the Albacore a high sublight speed, a modulated shielding system gives add protection.

Like most strike fighters, it is extremely expensive to produce and replace and demands quality, expert personnel. Rarely risked, the Albacore is a sight feared by enemies and cheered by allies.

Manufacturer: de Havilland
Role: FTL-capable Fighter
Length: 12m
Crew: 2
Weaponry: 2 x Heavy Mass Drivers (forward facing)
Shields/Armour: Heavy/Medium
FTL: Capable (short-range)


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