T-51 Switchblade

The Daresay'd

Above: A pair of T-51s escorting the pirate gunship Daresay’d

The T-51 ‘Switchblade’ is an affordable fightercraft marketed to small militas and other organisations. The fact it lacks at FTL drive is of no concern to this customer base as they are more concerned with defence of static targets, e.g. planetary colonies and orbital stations. Otherwise the ship is a jack of all trades, featuring a balance of attack and defence with a above average sublight speed.

This defense role appeared to be the ships’ destiny until Blackmane, the megacorporation responsible for it’s construction, released an after market ‘Rack Upgrade’. Application of this simple kit meant the ship could be carried on an external rack: a cost effective way to transport it through FTL space without the need for an expensive carrier ship.

This kit was a game changer. The Switchblade quickly fell into favour with pirates, mercenaries and bounty hunters who could install a fighter rack on anything larger than a cargo hauler to transform it into a pocket carrier. The ability to be rack mounted combined perfectly with the T-51’s speed to make it one of the pirate raider weapons of choice.

The Red Wench

Above: T-51s escorting the Red Wench.

– Manufacturer: Blackmane Spaceworks
– Role: Interceptor
– Length: 7m
– Crew: 1
– Weaponry: 2 x Pulse Cannons (forward facing)
– Shields/Armour: Light/Light
– FTL: Incapable


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