The Red Wench

The Red Wench

Above: The Red Wench with two T-51s.

The Red Wench is the flagship of a notorious pirate lord Karu of the human Outer Rim. The ‘Wench began life has a delapidated cargo skiff whose captain one day came upon the wreck of an old Russian mining outpost. This particular wreck featured a cicular power capacitor: an innovative and efficient method of providing sustained power on a small scale. The first captain of the ‘Wench paid a large portion of his life’s savings to have this capacitor integrated with his ship.

The Red Wench

The crew of the ‘Wench had previously lived on rationed power: ships systems would often go down, mid-task, due to a lack of consistent power. The upgrade changed all of that. She was able to task on longer hauls, more hefty cargo. And as her profile increased, the cautious captain took on more weapons to keep jealous rivals at bay.

The threat did not come from without, though. The captain of the ‘Wench was killed in his bed by none other than his mistress and first officer, Sallar Karu. Charismatic and clearly ambitious, Karu turned the crew onto a life of piracy and vice. The Red Wench swapped transporting precious cargo of megacorporations and local governments for raiding them and selling the content on the emerging black market.

The ‘Wench is fearsomely armed for it’s size. Two forward mounted fragmentation cannons can strike slow moving targets from a distance. A pair of flak cannons protrude directly from the capacitor ‘ring’ meaning they rarely lack power. Just forward of the bridge area sit two particle cannons mounted on turrets. The capacitor ring also features two rack-mounts for small fightercraft. This impressive variety of armament makes the ‘Wench a tough target for the usual ships escorting it’s prey.

The Red Wench

The efforts of the Border Fleet to track it down have been unsuccessful to say the least, in spite of the large bounty on the head of the ‘Wench and her captain.


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