The Keepsake

The DK77 ‘Keepsake’-class fighter is the most modern Royal Navy HG fightercraft. The forward mounted pulse cannons and ‘wing’ solar panels give the little ship it’s distinctive appearance: the latter are often tinted with the colour scheme of the squadron or ace pilot in command of the ship.

The Keepsake-class Fighter

The Keepsake was developed by deHavilland Spaceworks to replace the sluggish Second Age Type-27 fighter previously utilised in Royal Navy hangar bays. The military demanded a nimble and tough interceptor comparable to the American X-33 space superiority fighter. deHavilland delivered.

The Keepsake-class Fighter

The fighter was built around the pug-nosed weapon suite at it’s fore. The designers created a quartet of pulse cannons able to function in harmony: three of them would cool and recharge as one fired in a repeated, intricate dance of military electronics. Although not capable of sustained fire, this pulse cannon assembly can fire staccato bursts of pure energy and makes the ship an excellent dogfighter.

The Keepsake-class Fighter

The ship possesses the usual prerequisites for the interceptor role: fast acceleration and fine manoeuvrability. It lacks the ability to carry warheads and has light shields and armour integrity befitting it’s small size. It’s best defence is it’s speed and agility.

The first Keepsakes were assigned to Task Force Second Sabre, the Royal Navy naval force operating throughout the Rim.

Manufacturer: deHavilland Spaceworks
Role: Carrier-grade Interceptor
Length: 9m
Crew: 1
Weaponry: 4 x Pulse Cannons (forward facing)
Shields/Armour: Medium/Light
FTL: Incapable


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