Task Force Second Sabre


“Si vis Pacem, para bellum.” – Task Force Motto.

Task Force Second Sabre (TF: SS) is the British equivalent of the USEF, a naval force based outside of the Core worlds and with a wide remit to protect British interests throughout the Rim. Like it’s American counterpart, Second Sabre has an wide-ranging mandate to undertake proactive offensive measures against threats human or otherwise.

The Task Force operates out of the Chromedent Nebula. The base is built into the surface of a large asteroid, augmented by orbiting stations and platforms. The nebula offers a degree of protection from active and passive scans and the location of the base is a closely guarded secret. Navigation staff sign an enhanced version of the Official Secrets Act and face stern punishment in those caught revealing sensitive information.

Second Sabre most often tangles with the outlying Wun’Tux brood-tribes. These are the most ambitious and violent of the Wun’Tux factions and are more willing and likely to raid human territory for slaves and resources. Second Sabre forces have been involved in several punitive and proactive assaults, using carriers and strike fighters to outfox their reptilian opponents.

Noteworthy combat elements include:


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