The Tigerhound

“Hounds hunt in packs. We hunt alone.” – Captain Sakura, ACS Yiroto

The Tigerhound is named after a ferocious and canny predator indigenous to the Japanese colony of Nu-Kyoto. Asthetically somewhere between a coyote and a panther, the Tigerhound is a clever hunter able to take down various sizes of prey. The starship class takes after it’s namesake in this sense and more.

The Tigerhound is first and foremost an escort ship for larger, more ponderous vessels. It is nimble enough to be able to protect their blind spots and it’s flak cannons are computer-assisted in targeting warheads and fightercraft.

It features modern, modular construction which gives the ship significant structural integrity and allows it to take a pounding even when shields fail. Though a smart commander will avoid slugging matches and instead utilise the long range STS cannon to tackle opponents from a distance.

The ship was produced as part of the Asian Coalition‘s post-War modernisation programme. Limited funds meant the development was part-financed by liscencing of the design to a number of private companies. This has seen the Tigerhound fall into the hands of various independent militas, some legitamate and some less so.

Action Shot..!

Above: A Tigerhound firing from a hidden location in an asteroid belt, assisted by a scan-drone.


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