Kvo Solust


Kvo Solust is one of the oldest of the Oroso bonded groups. The word ‘Kvo’ translates somewhere between ‘family’ and ‘clan’, amalgamating blood ties and and history. Litters of young Oroso are raised in extremely close knit groups, both physically and emotionally. It is as they mature that they are introduced to the wider family and this concept of their wider Kvo. And are taught the history and values of their bloodline.

Kvo Solust originated from Serrovir, the icy Oroso homeworld. The region that gave birth to Solust was cold even by Oroso standards. Enduring and prevailing against these harsh conditions became ingrained into the pysche of the Kvo; surviving challenges and growing stronger evolved into their modus operandi.

Kvo Solust is known for this serious and pragmatic philosophy. In politics, they are not quick to act and consider each and every move carefully. In art and expression, they portray the world as stark and realistic. Their elders are drawn and sculpted in a ‘warts and all’ style, flaws unhidden. Their history and reputation grants one of the most influential seats in the Military Conclave, making decisions on resources, development and deployment. Soldiers of Kvo Solust repelled several attacks from the European Union at the start of their brief conflict, although the defensively minded Kvo did not participate in their counter-offensive.


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