J’nai’tk-class Light Cruiser

“There’s a verdammt J’nak on intercept. Abort, abort.”

Captain Hans Ackers, EUS Schwaben.

J'nai'tk-class Light Cruiser

The J’nai’tk-class is the most widely used Oroso Military Conclave (OMC) warship. The design has been in service for almost two decades and is well liked by it’s crews due to it’s solid and no-nonsense build.

The ship is armed with old fashioned fragmentation cannons with a modern twist. The turrets are multi-barrelled, enabling sequential fire (the ‘Gatling gun’ effect) or all barrels at once (the ‘shotgun’ effect). This flexibility – combined with their medium range and anti-armour qualities – make the J’nai’tk a potent force in any ship-to-ship battle. Like most vessels produced by the Astro-Oroso, the ship features overlapping armour plating for added protection if opponents can breach it’s shields. Each cruiser carries a twelve-strong force of highly trained Militia-D in case of boarding.

It’s old fashioned build has inherent drawbacks, however. The vessel has very little in the way of anti-fighter defence and can be isolated and exposed by intelligent use of such craft. It is outpaced by capital ships of similar or smaller size and therefore not suitable for pursuit.

The J’nai’tk-class was used extensively in the brief Union/Oroso conflict. It outclassed the Union capital ships on all fronts, although two were lost to the prototype Caracal Strike Fighters of Grendel Squadron.

J'nai'tk-class Light Cruiser

Length: 81m
Crew: 52
Manufacturer: The Astro-Oroso Naval Combine.
2 x Long Range Mass Drivers (fore)
2 x Multi-Barrel Autocannons (turret, port and starboard)
1 x STS Dual Barrel Fusion Cannon (turret, dorsal)
Shields/Armour: Medium/Medium


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