Threat Analysis


Agency Threat Analysis: Species Profiles

The following information is Omega-Level Classified. If you have access to this briefing and are not Omega Level, please shut down this console and inform a supervisor immediately. Non-compliance will not be tolerated.


Human Factions

Intra-Agency cooperation is non-negotiable. Any reports or non-cooperation or conflict will be severely punished.

The Americans continue in their attempts to ape our gifts with their Project Atlas. Although direct conflict would be bad for business, any Atlas soldiers found interfering with missions or contracts should be destroyed on sight. Aside from these genetic aberrations, the US retains the largest and most advanced military of the Earth factions. Proceed with caution on any contracts against or conflicting with them.

The British are similarly advanced in military technology and tactics. They utilise the Agency very rarely. Still, try not to antagonise and if you have to engage, destroy everything and leave no trace.

The Asian Coalition and European Union have no special forces as effective as Agency assets and so utilise our resources frequently. They should be treated carefully. When a contract is based in one of their territories, collateral damage should be kept to a reasonable minimum. This is strictly a business decision: they are of no credible military threat to Agency assets currently.

Megacorporations: Frequent users of Agency assets. Frequent targets as well. Intra-Corporation conflict is highly profitable, though Agency assets are only contracted for the most important tasks. Megacorporations will be otherwise protected by corporate security of negligible threat and mercenary forces of varying potency.



The Oroso are well organised and difficult to infiltrate. Missions targeted at them or their territory should be processed through a Beta-Level Handler and approved by personnel at least two levels higher. Their military is competent and well equipped. Equal threat to the American equivalent. Individually, Oroso are physically similar to humans and should provide no extra threat.

The Wun’Tux are ferocious and resilient in battle. Their ships can usually be outmanoeuvred and destroyed, if necessary, with fast moving warheads. Individually their warrior caste is faster than a human soldier and can take serious damage before falling. Engage with caution. Conflict can often be avoided by the gift of humanoid slaves of various species. This can be sanctioned by Delta-Level Handlers on a case-by-base basis.

The Vonn should not be engaged. No contracts are accepted against them or verging into their territory. They are extremely advanced in defensive technologies and have ways of neutralising the powers of various assets. They are ideologically opposed to the Agency and will try to stop contracts wherever they come into contact with one.

The Hirudin are to be treated with extreme caution. They are a secretive species, but we know the older examples are high-level telepaths and their abilities are not yet fully understood. Militarily, their Trinax slaves are of no threat whatsoever. A Hirudin in one of their armoured shells, however, is of considerable threat.

Like the Oroso, the Amani are extremely distrustful of outsiders and therefore very difficult to infiltrate. Militarily the Amani have significant firepower concentrated within travelling fleets (“caravans”). Amani often contest ore-rich worlds with human megacorporations, who have employed Agency assets before to assassinate Amani elders. Long-range targeting is recommended. Assets have been lost to angry retribution from Amani families.


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