Kranmir of Solust


Kranmir of Solust was 4 years old when the Wun’Tux descended on the small Oroso colony he called home. The Oroso adults were killed trying to protect their young. Survivors young and old alike were taken aboard Wun’Tux warships as slaves.

None of his family – his litter-kin – survived the first month. The old and sick died quickly. But Kranmir was strong. The Wun’Tux slave masters placed him in a gun crew: reloading and aiming the giant fragmentation cannon at the ship’s fore. He withdrew into himself, away from the surviving Oroso. The others would huddle together against the cold, like young Oroso finding safety and comfort in proximity. He refused. And watched. And waited.

The Wun’Tux Enforcer he served on was loyal to an outlying, ambitious brood-tribe fond of raiding along the human border. Unbeknownst to them, the Blackmane mining station most frequently targeted had contracted the Widebrim mercenary group as protection. As the brood-tribe formation of Enforcers and Clanships moved against the mining outpost proper, a small group of Widebrim warships dropped out of FTL right ontop of them. Chaos ensued.

The Widebrims exploited the inflexible Wun’Tux formation, attacking in the spaces in-between and giving the reptilian attackers not a moments rest. Gunships and Enforcers scrambled to protect their larger ships and many took damage in the process. Kranmir was like a coiled spring unleashed, his screaming feelings of anger and injustice pouring forth, making him into a one-man mutiny of tooth and claw and violence. With it’s Wun’Tux crew dead, the Enforcer drifted aimlessly and was finally towed into dock by one of the Widebrims.

The Widebrims found a bloodied, emotional Oroso collapsed in the captain’s chair. They fed him, clothed him and took him onto their ship, giving him comfort and acceptance banished from his memory by years under a Wun’Tux boot.

And in Kranmir they had met an Oroso without a family. Without litter-kin to confide in or find comfort with. An individual with the knowledge and will to survive against all the odds. All reasons as to why he became the first – but not last – non-human member of the Widebrims.


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