The Amani


 Above: Climate control suit Amni

The Amani are a race of bipedal humanoid desert dwellers. Advanced enough to travel to different star systems, they occupy a small string of planets in the Galactic North. Nomadic and independent, the Amani have very few dense population centres on-planet or in space, where they travel in loosely organised caravans for trade, protection and battle.

To the rest of the galaxy the Amani are known by the climate control suits which each one has to wear in order to survive temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius. Although their temperature requirements limit which worlds they can colonise, the Amani thrive on hot and arid worlds deemed inhospitable for the majority of space-faring races. Many of these desert worlds are rich in valuable ore deposits meaning these travelling Amani caravans are often rich and well heeled.

Their society is regarded by the galaxy at large as insular and mysterious. In actuality they have quite the vibrant culture with a variety of art and expression. Few outsiders ever get close enough for long enough to see this, however. Amani have been known to destroy on sight any automated probes or mining equipment they find on worlds deemed ‘theirs’, bringing them into conflict with various human factions.

Trade is the responsibility of the eldest and wisest Amani, some of who live for up to 120 years. Most Amani view external influences as base and corruptive and the younger members can go for decades without meeting a non-Amani. Although not martial in nature or culture, the Amani are fiercely protective of their people and what they see as their territory – even though this can be ever shifting. In combat they channel their affinity for heat, utilising fusion cannons usually used in mining. They have few classically designed “warships”, preferring to arm the ships on which they live and work. On one hand this makes even a small Amani caravan a tough prospect for a pirate raid. Given the rich rewards, however, it is a risk many are willing to take. The Amani prisoners from successful raids are often sold as slaves and a highly prized by the Wun’Tux – who thrive in warm and dry conditions themselves.


Above: An Amani outside of a climate control suit.


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