The Eabrizio

Eabrizio-class Fighter

Following their embarrassment of their outdated military in the Pan-Eurasian War, the European Union committed an unprecedented amount of money into military research, development, tendering and spending. This resulted in a cavalcade of new ship designs and ideas, not all of them ended up serving in the Union military. The Eabrizio was originally designed by an Italian company as a carrier-based Space Superiority fighter. The designers spared no expense, which proved to be their undoing.

Eabrizio-class Fighter

The specs of the ship were top line. Superior speed, manoeuvrability and wing-mounted particle cannons made it a potent threat to opposing fightercraft. However, the designers used high quality materials and clever software to enable this performance, upping the cost significantly. The Union were close to fielding their Caracal-class Strike Fighter which, whilst slower, could also operate independent of a carrier vessel. The Eabrizio designers were distraught and their company severely out of pocket until a new buyer announced itself.

This buyer turned out to be a shell company for the Black Moon Union. The Eabrizio quickly became the Black Moon interceptor of choice, used extensively throughout the Rim. Utilisation of such a potent force added to Black Moon’s reputation. The ship was often at the forefront of their clashes with other humans. 20 Eabrizios of Etorre Squadron famously destroyed two American Strike Fighters. Surviving Etorres haven’t had to pay for a drink throughout the Galactic Rim since.

Eabrizio-class Fighter

Manufacturer: Astra-Italia
Length: 8m
Crew: 1 pilot
Weaponry: 2 x Particle Blasters
Shields/Armour: Light/Light
FTL: Incapable


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