Black Moon Union

The Black Moon Union is the prime organised crime gang operating out of and around the human Rim territories. With the dawn of the Fourth Age and it’s reality of affordable FLT travel, a swathe of new planets, asteroids and other territory came within human influence. This huge potential attracted many, but governments and law and order were slower to follow. Small gangs sprung up, initially, interested in exploiting this new human endeavour.

Smuggling, robbery, protection rackets, brothels – the list could go on. These small gangs not only fought with the regular people desperate for security and normalcy but also with each other. For territory and influence. A man known only as Crescent led one of these gangs. In a lightning campaign of extreme violence and clever negotiation, the man managed to eliminate or rein in the majority of these gangs in three months. As his movement gained momentum he began to fly the now familiar banner of the Black Moon. Outlaws were incorporated into the Black Moon Union or destroyed: a simple choice.


Above: A Black Moon operative in typical garb.

As the group known as the ‘other Union’ grew, it’s boss demanded a degree of legitimacy from the local citizens and governments. Given the violent alternative, most conceded to his demand and over a period of three further months the Black Moon turned from criminal group to semi-criminal group. E.g. Protection rackets became escort jobs, signed legitimately under contract.

This move brought the Black Moon the strength and reputation it desired, on par with small corporations or mercenary troupes. Crescent moved his base of operations closer to the Core Worlds and set about creating the idea that for Core Worlders to be safe on business in the Rim, the Black Moon would protect them.

They quickly became the preferred contractor for many businesses and individuals either visiting or expanding their operations further afield. Their air of legitimacy is mostly PR, an illusion. They continue to bully and intimidate citizens who won’t play by their rules and often bump heads with the government-backed Border Fleet.


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