Border Fleet


The Border Fleet is a new initiative: a rare piece of military cooperation between human factions. At the beginning of interstellar exploration, all efforts were government led or supported. These governments could provide security for the settlers under their care and – with the exception of the tumultuous Wun’Tux conflict – did so effectively. As time went by, though, the equipment and resources needed to travel and explore became cheaper and much more accessible. In the run up to the Fourth Age of FTL travel new colonies and mines and factories were being established by corporations and other small groups of people not able to provide government level security.

The spread of humankind was seen by the galaxy at large as a mixed blessing. The free Trinax were quick to trade with these new colonies. But others, like the Wun’Tux and Hirudin, treated the humans as pests or problems to be removed. Non-governmental groups were more vulnerable to these malevolent forces; following attacks against a number of significant colonies human governments were forced to act.

Having never been enthusiastic about people settling of their own accord, it was difficult to get major governments to agree to protect them. Protracted negotiations resulting in a minimally funded organisation, using ships from the major powers on rotation. Any shortfall in funding would be made up by the organisations being protected via a ‘border tax’ many colonies and outposts did their best to evade.

Border Fleet posting can involve anything between dull tedium and life-and-death excitement. The latter is dependent on whether nearby Wun’Tux broods are busy with bloody infighting or looking hungrily towards Earthling space. Responding to this threat involves clever use of limited resources against a more numerous enemy. Compared to the USEF and Task Force Second Sabre, the Border Fleet are second best.

Otherwise life in the Border Fleet involves escort duty, pirate hunting and endless patrols. The main objective is to be a visible presence. Conversely, the American and British expeditionary forces continue to operate across the Rim but aim to be as inconspicuous as possible.


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