Wun’Tux Twinfang

The reptilian Wun’Tux are well known for their capital-scale vessels armed with large fragmentation weaponry, but to think they field no fightercraft would do them a disservice.

The broods have an entire sub-caste of fighters dedicated to snubfighter combat. The members of this sub-group are known as ‘Blacktooth’ for a sable coloured stimulant they harvest from the Vox plant and smear on their gums, and these Wun’tux are raised to have the quickest reflexes and sharpest senses.

This group of the reptiles grow, develop and live predominantly in pairs, gaining the further title ‘Twinfangs’ (after translation). Live together, fight together: the Twinfang squadrons comprise of loosely co-ordinated wingpairs who work well within their pairs but poorly in large scale operations.

These fighters are classed as RG: rack-grade. ‘Twinfangs’ have to attach themselves to a larger ship when FTL jumps are necessary. This is not the most safe of efficient form of travel, and more than one fighter has been lost to the void of FTL-space.

Wun'Tux Twinfang

Pictured are an Alpha and a standard Twinfang, the former of which has customisations and markings gained through combat prowess and respect. They are closely bonded in combat and out: when one of the pair is destroyed, the remaining pilot is known to go into a rage and seldom stops fighting until they or their enemies are dead.

Both are armed with ‘Shredder’ cannons, flak-fletchette weapons designed to tear through enemy armour.

Wun'Tux Twinfang

Twinfangs were utilised by the smaller, outlying broods in the early clashes with the early human explorers. Although these humans were often well armed and supplied, the Wun’Tux were able to use their local knowledge to trick, trap and frustrate their enemies. All too often an overconfident Earthling warship find itself in an unfamiliar asteroid field, surrounded by Twinfangs. Hard lessons like these taught the humans to engage more conservatively.


Above: A Twinfang ambush on an isolated USEF fighter.


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