Organisation of the Agency

The Agency is renown for it’s use of genetically different “assets” but this is something of a PR coup. It has a large number of gun-toting mercenaries who are contracted in as necessary (like Sol-Sec) and a smaller group of it’s own ‘normal’ assets. Described as ‘favoured contractors’, these individuals have access to Agency resources and intelligence but are restricted in which jobs they can take and how much freedom they have to work outside the control of the Agency. In this sense, being ‘favoured’ is a double-edged sword.

The top tier of the Agency is occupied by the Elders, second generation ancestors to the genetically different individuals who – back in the 21st Century – formed the core of the organisation. They rarely have need to go out on actual contracts but guide the Agency and decide what missions it should and should not accept from prospective employers. Their motivations are often difficult to fathom to assets in the field.

The middle tier is where the ‘super-powered’ assets sit. These are the individuals with otherworldly powers who are tasked for the missions deemed impossible for regular mercenaries. They’re thought to number somewhere between twenty and one hundred, the figure kept intentionally vague by a paranoid Agency. Any of this tier hoping for a quiet life or a solo career are hunted down with all the resources their employer can bring to bear. Each of these assets has a human ‘handler’, someone responsible for them and vice versa. These individuals are dedicated to the Agency and designed to keep the assets the same way.

The ‘favoured contractors’ are placed in the next tier down. People in this tier tend to be extremely talented but genetically normal; computer hackers, infiltrators, snipers, etc. who the Agency tends to keep on staff. Outsiders view this employment as tainted: it clashes with most mercenaries’ desire to be free to pursue whichever contracts they like. But the ‘favoured’ have access to equipment and intelligence that would otherwise be impossible to attain.

At the bottom of the list (and only loosely connected via a series of management chains) are the mercenary groups used most commonly by the Agency when they need large volumes of muscle, quickly. The most well known of these is SolSec, though the Agency also utilises sell-soldiers of the Black Moon Union for operations outside of the Core Worlds.


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