Custom Featherspun


The Featherspun was originally designed as a racing yacht: the preserve of the uber-rich adrenaline junkie. FTL capable and with an impressive sublight acceleration, it was designed to get it’s pilots around in speed and style.

Speed and style made it a perfect choice for the image-obsessed Tailored Saints mercenary group. They were delighted to find the most modern circuitry under it’s proverbial hood.


‘Saint designers were able to modify the defensive and offensive capabilities of the Featherspun, adding all manner of weapons and countermeasures. Their tweaks and changes made the vessel into the perfect fast action shuttle and insertion vessel.IMG_4608

  • Manufacturer: SynTech
    • Customised by the Tailored Saints
  • Length: 24m
  • Crew: 1 pilot, up to 15 passengers.
  • Role: Galactic Racing Sloop
  • Weaponry:
    • 4 x Pulse Cannons, forward-firing.
    • 2 x Warhead hardpoints
  • Shields/Armour: Medium/Light
  • Special: ECM Suite, multi-flare launchers.

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