X-39 Tomcat

Tomcats on patrol The American military were the first to field the ‘strike fighter’ class of vessel: the smallest ever ship design capable of Faster-Than-Light jumps. Strike fighters only became possible at the advent of the Fourth Age and all of the miniaturisation of jump technology that came with it.

The forward thinking tacticians and designers at Highpoint Base had seen the advantages of such a theoretical craft long before production was possible. So when the technology was finally possible, blueprints were of the highest priority. The final design of the X-39 ‘Tomcat’ was an impressive cocktail of dangerous technology, featuring heavy shields, a dual core computer matrix and the ability to equip mid-range missiles. The first squadrons were pressed straight into service with the USEF. Tomcats’ epitomise the new thinking of Highpoint.

As a break from the traditions of large, rigid formations of fighter groups, Tomcats most often operate alone. Highly trained pilots learn to rely on their wits and technology to against superior odds and more numerous opponents. These pilots are usually chosen from battle hardened X-33 squadrons, aces and veterans alike. Tomcats are regarded as quite the asset, not risked on anything but the most vital of missions. For an enemy pilot to take one down in combat is the quite the feather in their cap, amongst none more than the dreaded Wun’Tux Twin Fangs.

Manufacturer: Lockheed-Royce

Role: Long-range tactical strike fighter

Length: 11m

Crew: 1


– 2 x Photon Blasters

– 6 x Missile Hardpoints

Shields/Armour: Heavy/Light

FTL: Capable (Short jumps]


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