The Tailored Saints

“Never trust a man more obsessed with how he looks than killing you,” –

Isaac Fenton, Widebrim pilot, eventually killed in Tailored Saint attack.

The Tailored Saints are known for their obsession with modern technology and sharp suits. In this sense they are – not unfairly – regarded as the polar opposite of the Widebrims.

The ‘Saints are a relatively new group of human mercenaries, assassins and bounty hunters. They operate high end, cutting edge equipment – strike fighters, personal shielding units, hand-held pulse cannons – and this commitment to the sharpest equipment extends to an almost vanity in their dress sense. They eschew more functional armour and attire in place of well-cut suits and dress: giving them their titular moniker. Their Strike Fighter force was responsible for the routing of the European Union flagship during the Pan-Eurasian War.

This is the only shred of truth in their name. They are far from saintly when it comes to what kinds of contracts and work they will take on and are well known for switching sides – providing the reward is large enough.

The Tailored Saints have within them certain specialities, e.g. the Sharp Suits, a sub-group obsessed with bladed weapons and sartorial style.


 Above: Typical ‘Saint operative. Most wear subtle technologies under their suits.


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